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Do your customers owe you money?

Have you delivered goods and/or provided services and are waiting to be paid?

Would you like to access that cash without your customers knowing you need finance? 

Invoice discounting helps thousands of businesses in the UK to turn unpaid invoices into cash in the bank confidentially. It’s a fuss-free process used by many major companies that can support your growth by providing finance that grows in direct proportion to your turnover.

Step 1: You assign your sales daybook or invoices (supported by delivery notes or proof of delivery of goods/services). Many funders now have systems which link with your accounting package to make it quick and easy to use.

Step 2: The funder calculates the amount of cash you can access against the gross invoice value (including VAT), normally calculated on a percentage basis e.g. 80% of a £100,000 gross invoice allows access to £80,000 minus any charges.

Step 3: You request the cash, which can even be done on a same day basis (which may incur a charge), it is paid directly into your normal business bank account.

Step 4: You control your relationship with your customer and still perform your own credit control.

Step 5: Once the funder receives the money owed you can then access the remaining cash minus the funder’s charges.

Providing your business meets some basic requirements, invoice discounting is simple to administer and should not intrude in your day-to-day processes. We can tailor the ideal package for you to maximise the benefits of invoice discounting.

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