Improved cash flow, value for money & cost savings

Are you optimising the benefits of your existing factoring or invoice discounting facility? 

Optimise understands exactly what your funder expects from you.

We can review movements in your facility and highlight in a monthly report where it’s working for you and where it isn’t. We also have a dedicated helpdesk for invoice finance related questions.

What are the benefits?

Improved cashflow: We’ll help you overcome the challenges of low funding whatever the cause: high disapprovals or retentions, poor credit rating on a customer. We will also give an opinion on the suitability of your “initial percentage”.

Value for money facility: We’ll not only improve your cashflow but explain how to manage your funder’s expectations. We can also help identify opportunities to increase availability of cash and explain how best to ‘make your case’.

Cost savings: Despite misconceptions, invoice finance can be a cost-effective way to fund your business – the key is managing it in a way that avoids unnecessary, additional charges. We’ll show you how and if required support you through fee negotiations.

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