Here at Reach Equity Solutions (RES) we understand that businesses need to understand the positive solutions available to them and quickly, particularly those operating in stressed or distressed circumstances. Many businesses don’t have the luxury of waiting up to 6 months to see if a private equity house wants to invest.

Our team will usually be able to establish within 24 hours, if a suitable investment opportunity exists. We do this by matching the requirement with the most appropriate funders from our investor panel. These are investors who we know can perform quickly.

Initially, we will want to understand the financial status of the business. Once the current position is understood we will outline the options, strategies and the types of investment that may be available.

From this stage onwards, the process will be bespoke and will involve the most able investors being introduced to your company through RES. We work alongside the current debt providers, shareholders and, crucially, the management to ensure that the optimum resolution is achieved.

Using substantial experience gained from operating in this sector for many years, we are in a unique position to provide access to the most appropriate investor. We have a detailed understanding of each of the investors’ investment criteria and an in-depth knowledge of this industry that allows us to quickly identify the correct investment partners for each specific opportunity.

Timing and speed are two crucial components for any successful investment in this sector. The earlier we are able to meet with the company the sooner the key decision makers will be able to form their view on a potential investment.

The actual investment will also be entirely tailored to each case and will range from a straightforward equity investment and/or secured loan, to a formation of a new entity to purchase the business through a restructuring or turnaround process.

Professional support
Within the team at Reach Equity Solutions we have a highly developed network of leading lawyers, corporate financiers, interim managers, non-executive directors and other professionals accumulated over many years of business practice. Following our assessment of your needs, and if required, we will assemble and introduce the specific professionals who will play a crucial role in supporting the business during and after the investment.

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