Like many businesses, you may be finding it difficult to secure the right funding solution particularly as the traditional financing routes are becoming harder to navigate.

A Large Problem
SME’s (small and medium enterprises) are generally classified as those with fewer than 250 employees. Crucially, they make up around 99% of all private sector businesses in the UK and it seems inconceivable that the economic well-being of the country would be put at risk due to a lack of available finance.

However, our experience shows that access to traditional forms of business finance is difficult to source, particularly for those businesses that have some signs of stress showing on their balance sheet.

Some funders, perhaps understandably, have become more risk averse and stricter procedures can result in slower lending decisions and more frequent declines.

Some Good News
Out of sheer necessity, alternative forms of funding have emerged in recent years to assist the growth and trading potential that many businesses are now experiencing. Traditional funding still exists but other finance avenues such as crowd funding, asset based lending and private equity solutions can often be a more attractive way forward.

Here at Reach Equity Solutions, our speciality is the matching of a businesses needs, whether growing or stressed, with investors from a carefully chosen panel that can offer your business the much needed funding and sector specific expertise that it deserves.

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